AmericanDreamMarketingLogoHello, my name is William Manuel, and I am a Very Successful Single Father Online Entrepreneur who has been working online from home for the last 4 years. It took years to get to the level of financial security that I always dreamed of reaching online, and in 2015 I finally did it. I was finally making a full-time passive residual monthly income online from home every month, and I no longer had to worry about my son’s financial future as well as my own. So after years of hard work, determination, loss of sleep, living in poverty, extreme patience, constant persistence, believing in myself and most of all, “Never Ever Giving Up”.  I finally achieved online success, complete financial freedom working from home as a single father, and I was finally able to “Live The American  Dream”!!! I was finally able to give my son Tyler the security he needed, the peace of mind that his dad could now stay home with him everyday, and now provide the incredible life I always wanted for him. When his mother passed away in 2012 that was the one promise I made to my son Tyler. I promised him that one day I would never have to go to work and I would never have to leave his side again.DadandTyler2
That is why I chose the name “American Dream Marketing” for my online marketing business. The phrase “American Dream, or Living The American Dream” can mean different things to many different people. As an entrepreneur & as a very proud American I’ve always had my own view of what exactly “Living The American Dream” meant to me.


 “Living The American Dream” makes me think back to when America was born out of the Revolutionary War, and how it was the colonists dream to be independent. They wanted the freedom to live their life the way they wanted. They wanted to pursue happiness anyway they wanted too without  anyone or anything telling them what they can and can not do. Nothing was going to keep them from making that ideal, that dream which was their “American Dream” at that time, a reality. So to me, even though times are much different from when America started, I believe the “American Dream” still means the same thing today as it did when America first came to be,
“to live a life of complete freedom, and a life where we can pursue happiness for ourselves and for our families however we see fit without anyone telling us what we can and can not do”
Being able to “Live The American Dream” is still the ultimate goal of every American and that is why I chose the name “American Dream Marketing” for my online business because I want people to know and believe that living the “American Dream” is still very possible. I want people to know that they can live a life of complete freedom. Freedom from financial worry, freedom from working the normal 9-5 job, freedom to do what they want when they want with their family, and a life where they have the freedom to pursue happiness for themselves. They can live the life that they always dreamed of having for themselves and for their family without having to listen to anyone, or get anyone’s approval. I want people to know that if they truly believe in themselves and never give up that after a few months of complete dedication they can make their own “American Dream” a reality.
It also reminds me everyday that if I was able to achieve “The American Dream” for myself and for my son Tyler working online from home as a poor single father who just lost his beautiful wife to a tragic accident.  Then it is possible for anyone else who also wants to live the same “American Dream” as I am, and who also won’t let anything stop them from reaching that dream!!!

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I will do everything that is humanly possible to help you or anyone else achieve the kind of financial freedom and success that you always dreamed about working online from home. You too can “Live The American Dream” along with me working online from home as long as you follow and do the same steps I did over the past 2 years. This will not happen overnight for you, like I said it has taken me 4 years altogether to achieve online success. It is my vision to help everyone achieve financial independence and to finally “Live The American Dream” just like I am.


So what I decided to do is create this blog/website to help anyone who is truly “SERIOUS” about succeeding online, and who is willing to sacrifice anything in order to achieve online success. If your not “DEDICATED” to that success, and are not willing to sacrifice your time, your sleep, and yes your money then please, “LEAVE NOW & DO NOT COME BACK”. I’d much rather work with people that are 100% SERIOUS  about wanting to “Live The American Dream” working from home and spending precious time with their family. Do not waste your time and please do not waste my time as well if you are what I call a “lazy marketer”. That is just someone who gets online and wants success to be handed to them instead of actually working for it. It is hard succeeding online and anyone that tells you differently is lying to you. My time is extremely important to me, and if your just looking for a get rich quick program, a free ride and for someone to make you rich without doing any work of your own to build and grow your own business and your own brand, then this is not the right website to be on & I am not the right sponsor for you. 
The programs you will be joining are not “GET RICH PROGRAMS”. They are the most professional, honest, legitimate, newbie friendly and quickest programs that I have found online to help you make money online. It will take time, dedication, motivation, patience and hard work.  After years of searching and trying various mlm and affiliate programs the opportunities you are about to join have allowed me at the young, yes young(lol), age of 42 to never worry about money ever again. I can promise you that if you also use all of these programs you will also be able to quit your job, retire and also “Live The American Dream Online” along with the me in the next 6-12 months.  (I could have told you 30 days like so many other people do online just to get you to join, Remember those programs and people are lying to you!!!) 
“PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THESE INSTANT GET RICH QUICK IN 30 DAYS” programs. They do not exist and I have personally wasted thousands of dollars thinking they were legitimate opportunities. BEFORE YOU JOIN ME IN ANY OF THE PROGRAMS I DISCUSS, I want you to know that “I Will Do Everything I Can To Help You Succeed Online Because Your Success Is My Success”!!!


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But just to let you know I have never once had to pay!

 Thanks for visiting my website,


William Manuel3rd         williammanuel3rd@gmail.com



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