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Latest updates and important news good or bad directly from Charles Scoville himself and/or from the company representatives regarding the latest developments about Traffic Monsoon.

Processor Balances & Statistics

Where are we right now with Active balances?

Total Inside Payza: $1,824,995.27
Total Inside STP: $593,643.35
Total Inside TM Bank Account: $1,121,115.99

Total Within All Processors: $3,539,754.61

Total On All Member Accounts (Active Balances): $1,420,736.07

Reserves: $2,119,018.54

Good job everyone continuing to grow and move forward!

When reserves build up to cover pending balances I can release them even before PayPal releases funds.

People are pressing forward through the PayPal limitation, and will work while they wait.

Great job everyone!

Thanks for visiting my website,


 William Manuel3rd