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Best social media tips for 2015

Tips For Advertising On The Top 5 Social Networks


Social network sites are the most effective medium to generate leads that convert easily. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, IBO Social, Google Plus and other social networks are filled with hundreds of millions of people. Why wouldn’t you take advantage?                                                                                                                              Before start promoting your offers with social network sites, these are certain things you should keep in mind..
  • Don’t post anything that typically looks like an promotional advertising. Generally, people don’t like to see too many ad post within their social networking sites. But there is nothing wrong with sharing with your friends about what you do, what you are currently up to, your business achievements.. etc. This way you can share your business opportunity with more value added to it.
  • Don’t use the same ad copy repeatedly. Try to change your wordings of your messages every time you post it.
  • Use relevant interesting pictures to your ad post. A funny picture can attract more people to view and share your content. According to Facebook, images account for 75% of content posted by brands. The content you post should show the human side of your business but make sure it is in line with your brand values and does not damage your reputation.
  • Engage with your follower – Reply to queries and respond to comments, including any complaints. You can also encourage discussion and feedback — positive user-generated content provides a very powerful endorsement for your business.

1. Facebook 


More than 1 billion people all over the world using Facebook each month. This is why so many people are using Facebook to market their businesses online and why it can be so powerful…


  • Use Your Personal Profile – Research shows posts from personal facebook profiles are showing up better in the news feed. But be careful while using your personal fb profile for promoting your business offers. Facebook terms state that you aren’t supposed to “use your personal profile for commercial gain”. To be on the safe side, if you are using your personal profile for business postings, you should talk about what you are doing in your business rather than telling people directly to purchase your products or services. This is your personal Facebook page, so use language and tone that is in line with who you are and your personality. A soft-sell approach usually works better anyway.
  • Create A Fan Page – Creating a Facebook fan page is an amazing way to promote your business, gather support for your band, or to advertise in a number of other ways. If you’d like to create a Facebook fan page, follow these easy steps and you’ll be building a following in no time at all. See how to create a Facebook fan page in step-by-step.
  • Post in Groups – Groups are communities of Facebook users who all share topics on the same common interest. Search out the groups with make money online keywords to market directly to them. You can use keywords like; make money online, internet marketing, multi level marketing, free online money, home business… etc.
Step 1 – Click the search field at the top left of the Facebook screen.
Step 2 – Type the keyword into the search field. The top group for that keyword will appear.
Step 3 – Click “See More Results” at the bottom of the list.
Step 4 – Click “Groups” on the left side of the screen to display only the search results for groups you are looking for.
Step 5 – Click “Ask To Join” next to the listing of any group you want to join. If the group accepts you, you join the group and can post in it regularly.

***Don’t request more than one or two groups to join in a day. Join between 10 – 15 groups at beginning which you can manage easily. Post ads, comment other members post regularly on groups pages. Most importantly, try to change the wording and looking of your ad copy frequently.

2. Twitter


Twitter is a great platform for most internet marketers. Starting up a Twitter page for your business use is easy. Fill out the form, upload your profile photo and send out your very first tweet. This is very simple but the real challenge is growing your Twitter account and turning it into an actual tool that generates leads and builds up your online business. Once you know how Twitter can help your business, you’ll unlock new opportunities to grow your business online.
How You Can Use Twitter for Your Business?
  • Sharing information and content of your business
  • Driving interested prospects for promotional activities
  • Interacting with your potential customers
  • Networking and branding your business
Now, we’ll go over the real Twitter marketing strategies that will help you be more successful, and the steps you need to take to market like the pros.
Use Hashtags # – Twitter uses a special hashtags (#) technology to filter tweets with relevant keywords in first place. To take advantage of trending hashtags and topics use hashtags with prefix to your main keyword of your tweet. For instance: #Halloween, #Christmas, #OnlineMoney, #FinancialFreedom etc.
Make Tweets Conversational – Your Tweets shouldn’t consist of only headlines with a link. They should open the door for communication and conversation like you are talking with your friend.
  • Make your tweets like you ask questions to your followers
  • Make at least 30-40% of your Tweets replies to other people. Build an engaged following.
  • When Tweeting links, add a line of your own instead of company promo.
Being more conversational means higher engagement, which results in additional activity for your Twitter account in the long run. This way your follower started liking you and your recommendation.

3. IBOtoolbox 

IBOtoolbox is a state-of-the-art marketing platform for Independent business owner. IBO Toolbox is one of the fastest growing network for Internet Marketers. This is “Safehaven” to build your business. I just love it! Share your Press Release, Promote your banner and ads, Share your videos to a vast group of like-minded internet marketers. …You Must Join!

5. Google Plus 


Google plus is an easy platform to make groups and share your opportunities with them. Content that is shared on Google Plus is added to Google searches (or indexed) much quicker than on other sites. So, investing even a little bit of time and energy into your business or personal page on Google+ can improve your search engine visibility. That means more chance of getting organic traffic to your posts.
The first sentence of your Google Plus posts are much higher weight when it comes to rankings. Make sure the First Word of your Post is Important should be included your business related keywords. If we take “Pure Passive Income Funnel” for instance, these keywords will best fit:  like “Residual Money”, “Online business”, “Residual Income”, “Pure Passive Income”, “Free Marketing Funnel” “Done-For-You Money making System”… etc. !
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Top 10 Social Media Myths


Social Media Myths Busted

Social Media allows businesses to market themselves in a place where their customers are naturally comfortable and willing to listen. The issue is that competition is fierce – and there is so much so-called “advice” on the Internet that it can be difficult to work out what is actually true and could make a difference to your Digital Marketing efforts, and what is a just complete myth….

Because Content Marketing has become such a prominent and effective tool for maintaining a steady market on your website, many people write and promote their own blog articles – including Social Media Heads and Digital Marketers. The problem is that some of the tips that they include in their articles may well appear to be classed as common knowledge but, in reality, have little to no grounding in fact.

We’ve set out to bust some of the most popular Social Media myths so that you can have a better idea as you launch into your own Digital Marketing efforts…

MYTH #1: Integrating all your Networks is the path to success

There are plenty of Social Media automation tools out there that allow you to integrate and post your content across multiple networks. This isn’t always a good thing. Because each Social Network has its own restraints and features, one piece of content simply cannot be suitable for all of them. Remember that your messages are not catch-all and need to be tailored specifically to each network.

MYTH #2: The more followers the better

A huge Social Media following does not always spell success. It’s far better to grow your network steadily within the right audience; after all, these are the people who are going to consider using your services. Social Media gives new light to the concept of specifically targeted marketing. Sometimes all it takes is a small following of the right people for your network to grow organically.

MYTH #3: It’s impossible to track ROI on Social Media

Tracking ROI through Social Media can be difficult, but it’s certainly not impossible. Any Social Media Marketing company worth their salt should have access to the right analytical tools and reporting software that can help track leads that have come directly from Social Media.

MYTH #4: The only way to grow Instagram is through active following

Instagram is a content focussed network – so it stands to reason that the images you share on there will be your primary source of growth. Active following can be used to support a good Instagram strategy, but using posting the right content and using the right hashtags is of the utmost importance. There are also automation tools that can assist in building your network without active following.

MYTH #5: The popularity of your Social Media pages has a direct impact on your web search results

Some people seem to think that the strength of your Social Media pages has a direct impact on your website’s Google rankings, as studies have pointed out a correlation between high Facebook activity and good ranking on SERPs. It doesn’t – it has an indirect impact that’s all down to Content Marketing. If you want your Social Media to have a positive effect on your search results you need to be creating awesome Content on your website and encouraging shares, clicks and links through Social Networking.

MYTH #6: Only promoted posts give you a reach worth shouting about

It’s a matter of time and about building an engaged audience. If you spend time investing in building the correct audience, eventually the amount of engagement on your organic posts will be able to stand up to the might of your promoted posts.

MYTH #7: Interacting with your competitors is bad for Business

It’s understandable that some businesses are wary about interacting with their competitors on Social Media – it’s something that is simply not done down any other marketing avenue. However, their audience is your audience, and interacting with them will get you noticed. You aren’t poaching their customers – you are simply promoting the beginning of a discussion that will hopefully grow among users and become mutually beneficial.

MYTH #8: Follow and retweet competitions are the best way to grow

Follow and re-tweet competitions can grow your following quickly over a short amount of time – but after your competition is over you are likely to find out that many of your entrants were only interested in the free iPad that you were giving away and they will inevitably unfollow you. That’s not to say competitions aren’t great though – it’s just much better to create something that is interactive and requires a particular action to enter. While you will have less entrants, you will find that you grow a far more engaged audience as a result.

MYTH #9: You can guarantee a certain amount of growth

While Social Media is a great Digital Marketing tool, that also makes it very competitive. Be wary of any Social Media Management service that makes a promise about the amount of followers they will get you. Quality Social Media Marketing companies will always research and undertake the best practice to get the best results for your industry but it is impossible to guarantee results. There are a number of illicit services that can buy you followers and none of them are even worth considering.

MYTH #10: Social Media is just a fad

The concept of Social Media has been around for years, way before the Internet boom of the nineties. There are now 2.307 billion Social Media users worldwide – over 31% of the global population.. So I think we can safely assume that it’s here to stay.

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Advice About Your Facebook Posts-“Give Value First”!

44“Our “true intentions” on our Facebook posts always show through when we constantly try to sell sell sell without giving any real “value” first”.

It is more important to me and for my internet marketing business that you like, trust and respect me through me Facebook posts now , so that it hopefully secures my future internet marketing success later. I’d much rather you think of me as a professional, smart and caring marketer through my Facebook posts rather than me constantly blasting out various products and programs in my Facebook posts trying to make a few quick sales. The risk of getting thought of as not a professional marketer, not a serious marketer, and even worse a spammer is something that none of us would ever want to be happen.
I want you to actually listen to what I have to say (by giving you value) right now. I don’t want you to just pass over my Facebook  post because you know there is nothing but product after product and program after program. I don’t want you to think that all I am doing is telling you to buy this and to join that because it’s the next greatest thing since sliced bread, or that it will make you rich by next Thursday.
There are exceptions and some marketers are able to use their Facebook posts to promote their favorite products or programs.  They still have people read and respect what they have to say and have already proven their “value” as internet marketing leaders. They have already given so much value in their past Facebook posts that people actually look forward to and want them to share what they think are the best products to use and programs to join. So for them it is a great way to use their Facebook posts to gain new followers and sales and still maintain their reputation as professional marketers.
I hope through my “Thoughts For Success” Facebook posts that I can reach that point one day, and continue to give enough value and insight to help you so that you continue reading, liking and trusting what I have to say and hopefully check out the products and programs I recommend in the future .
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Is it good or bad buying Facebook likes to boost my online business and my social presence? Honestly at first it was a no brainer buying Facebook likes if you could afford them to make your business or social presence look more impressive. But as time goes on this “like’ obsession is starting to hurt many peoples business and social presence or credibility.  So after a lot of reading, talking to some influential social media professionals, and using a little of our own common sense, we’ve answered the question.
Here is what I hear a lot from people and it’s probably what you are thinking as well when it comes to this issue of buying or not buying Facebook likes. You say to yourself “I really want my Facebook page to look popular, and I have been thinking of buying Facebook likes”.  So then a world where the amount of “Likes” a company has seems to reign supreme, it’s very tempting to get sucked into the vortex of wanting more likes than all of your competitors. However, when it comes to businesses or an organization, you want the people who like your page to be true supporters of your cause, product or company. Just because you have 1200 “Likes” really means nothing in the long run when it comes to helping your business or social presence.
What many people don’t realize is that Facebook, just like Google have their own algorithm. When you purchase 1000 Facebook likes, all of this support from those supposedly 1000 new fans and engagement goes out the window if a huge part of those people do Only cnot maintain a ongoing conversation week after week about your service, organization, business or products. The reason is because when buying Facebook likes you are getting  a mixed bag of random people being paid by a company, or fake accounts altogether. These are not real people, well they may be real but they are “not really interested” is a better way to say  it. Either way, those people do not truly value your company or organization. The likes you will get are from spam accounts, which violates Facebook’s user policy. (This means they can get banned and deleted.) These “click farms” have generated a large profit, but it’s not a business you or I want to be in.  Guy Kawalski, the author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” responded to this question by saying that “It’s immoral and ineffective to buy likes. Companies with more money than brains buy Likes”.
Wow! This sounds like a bad idea. So here is some more information about the Facebook algorithm (or really a group of algorithms) that I mentioned earlier. These algorithms determine how often your posts appear in your fans’ Newsfeeds. And it punishes you if your content is lacking. When buying Facebook likes, the percentage of people who engage with your content (which is likely not even everyone who organically liked your page) will shrink.
Here is an example, lets say before you bought the likes you had 200 organic fans of your page. Let’s say 25% of them engage with your content on a regular basis, that’s 50 fans. So now you bought 1000 fans (now you have a total of 1,200). If those 50 fans are still engaging with you,  and now you have 1,200 Facebook fans, or likes,then you see that is only a meager 4.2% of your fanbase is engaging with your content. Compared to the 25% of engagement you had with the 200 fans, 4.2% is a big difference and drop off in the eyes of Facebooks algorithm. This tells Facebook that you aren’t producing valuable content, and you will now appear in your fans’ Newsfeeds even less often.
So what will happen to those 200 organic fans that loved your brand? They’re still there, but they aren’t seeing your posts, and one of your competitors may have caught their eye in the meantime.  Also something else you may want to know Facebook has declined organic reach by 50% in the last year, and rumored to decline more.
In closing all I can say is that if buying Facebook likes is your only concern and it matters more to you too show how many likes you can show to your friends and family that your business has on Facebook, and if getting as many likes as possible is done only for bragging rights and for vanity reasons. Then go ahead and buy as many likes as your ego wants or feels it needs to think you are important or successful. But remember you will know the truth deep down and sooner or later so will Facebook and everyone else when your not making any money even with all those likes.  SO THE ANSWER TO THE BIG QUESTION  IS  A RESOUNDING “YES, IT IS BAD BUYING FACEBOOK LIKES FOR YOUR BUSINESS OR FOR YOUR SOCIAL PRESENCE.
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