Start Making Videos – Without video you will be anonymous

Build Your List – Get Set Up With A Capture Page and Start Collecting Emails.

Skype – Every Prospect You Meet Try To Arrange A Skype Call The Human Connection Will Build The Relationship

Learn One Strategy – Teach Your First Strategy By Doing A Weekly Google Hangout With a PowerPoint presentation and Broadcast it On Social Media and Send it to Your List

Buy Traffic – Seek Out The Best Solo Ad Vendors and Work With Them To Build Your List..

EXTRA: Education Matters – Try To Learn the Strategies That Will Help You Move Forward Faster, But That Won’t Take Away Or Cheat You From Achieving Your Ultimate Goal Of Internet Success. What I Mean Is Don’t Use Strategies That Will Make Other Marketers Look At You As Being Unprofessional, And That Will Make You Look Like An Amateur. “IT WILL TAKE YEARS TO RECOVER YOUR REPUTATION” These Strategies May Work In Providing Short Term Success. They Will Not Provide The Long Term Internet Marketing Success And Professional Marketing Reputation As A Leader That Every Marketer Wants & Strives For Online.


Regardless of what strategies you use to become a leader, to generate connections and leads online there is something you should always remember. One of the most important things is to then connect with your leads if possible by email or face to face on skype, or in person as soon as you can. The reason is because the longer you wait to connect with someone the harder it is to get someone to join you in your business. The reason is because people looking to make money online, or people looking to replace the one they are in see hundreds of different online home businesses everyday. So if you wait to connect with them there is a good chance it will be to late and someone else, another online leader from another program, has already got that person to join them in their program or online business opportunity.


Your online business is based on the online friendships and the amount of trust that these people have in you as a marketer and as a online leader. People who come online looking for ways to make money are generally not bothered about the company’s they build, but are more concerned about the relationship they have with their sponsor and the support and motivation that we as a leader will offer them. People want to know you have their back, and that you will do everything you can as an online marketing leader to help them succeed with their new online business opportunity. They will look to you and learn how to become a success and online leader learning the same strategies you learned.

I hope this has helped you understand a little more as you progress online about how you should use the different strategies you will learn online to build trusting relationships and friendships with people to create long term success, instead of just looking for a quick buck. I hope you realize what type of marketer you should be in order to achieve the long term internet success online that I know you want for yourself and your family. It may take a little more work and effort, but it is worth every ounce of effort in the end!!!

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