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Tips For Advertising On The Top 5 Social Networks


Social network sites are the most effective medium to generate leads that convert easily. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, IBO Social, Google Plus and other social networks are filled with hundreds of millions of people. Why wouldn’t you take advantage?                                                                                                                              Before start promoting your offers with social network sites, these are certain things you should keep in mind..
  • Don’t post anything that typically looks like an promotional advertising. Generally, people don’t like to see too many ad post within their social networking sites. But there is nothing wrong with sharing with your friends about what you do, what you are currently up to, your business achievements.. etc. This way you can share your business opportunity with more value added to it.
  • Don’t use the same ad copy repeatedly. Try to change your wordings of your messages every time you post it.
  • Use relevant interesting pictures to your ad post. A funny picture can attract more people to view and share your content. According to Facebook, images account for 75% of content posted by brands. The content you post should show the human side of your business but make sure it is in line with your brand values and does not damage your reputation.
  • Engage with your follower – Reply to queries and respond to comments, including any complaints. You can also encourage discussion and feedback — positive user-generated content provides a very powerful endorsement for your business.

1. Facebook 


More than 1 billion people all over the world using Facebook each month. This is why so many people are using Facebook to market their businesses online and why it can be so powerful…


  • Use Your Personal Profile – Research shows posts from personal facebook profiles are showing up better in the news feed. But be careful while using your personal fb profile for promoting your business offers. Facebook terms state that you aren’t supposed to “use your personal profile for commercial gain”. To be on the safe side, if you are using your personal profile for business postings, you should talk about what you are doing in your business rather than telling people directly to purchase your products or services. This is your personal Facebook page, so use language and tone that is in line with who you are and your personality. A soft-sell approach usually works better anyway.
  • Create A Fan Page – Creating a Facebook fan page is an amazing way to promote your business, gather support for your band, or to advertise in a number of other ways. If you’d like to create a Facebook fan page, follow these easy steps and you’ll be building a following in no time at all. See how to create a Facebook fan page in step-by-step.
  • Post in Groups – Groups are communities of Facebook users who all share topics on the same common interest. Search out the groups with make money online keywords to market directly to them. You can use keywords like; make money online, internet marketing, multi level marketing, free online money, home business… etc.
Step 1 – Click the search field at the top left of the Facebook screen.
Step 2 – Type the keyword into the search field. The top group for that keyword will appear.
Step 3 – Click “See More Results” at the bottom of the list.
Step 4 – Click “Groups” on the left side of the screen to display only the search results for groups you are looking for.
Step 5 – Click “Ask To Join” next to the listing of any group you want to join. If the group accepts you, you join the group and can post in it regularly.

***Don’t request more than one or two groups to join in a day. Join between 10 – 15 groups at beginning which you can manage easily. Post ads, comment other members post regularly on groups pages. Most importantly, try to change the wording and looking of your ad copy frequently.

2. Twitter


Twitter is a great platform for most internet marketers. Starting up a Twitter page for your business use is easy. Fill out the form, upload your profile photo and send out your very first tweet. This is very simple but the real challenge is growing your Twitter account and turning it into an actual tool that generates leads and builds up your online business. Once you know how Twitter can help your business, you’ll unlock new opportunities to grow your business online.
How You Can Use Twitter for Your Business?
  • Sharing information and content of your business
  • Driving interested prospects for promotional activities
  • Interacting with your potential customers
  • Networking and branding your business
Now, we’ll go over the real Twitter marketing strategies that will help you be more successful, and the steps you need to take to market like the pros.
Use Hashtags # – Twitter uses a special hashtags (#) technology to filter tweets with relevant keywords in first place. To take advantage of trending hashtags and topics use hashtags with prefix to your main keyword of your tweet. For instance: #Halloween, #Christmas, #OnlineMoney, #FinancialFreedom etc.
Make Tweets Conversational – Your Tweets shouldn’t consist of only headlines with a link. They should open the door for communication and conversation like you are talking with your friend.
  • Make your tweets like you ask questions to your followers
  • Make at least 30-40% of your Tweets replies to other people. Build an engaged following.
  • When Tweeting links, add a line of your own instead of company promo.
Being more conversational means higher engagement, which results in additional activity for your Twitter account in the long run. This way your follower started liking you and your recommendation.

3. IBOtoolbox 

IBOtoolbox is a state-of-the-art marketing platform for Independent business owner. IBO Toolbox is one of the fastest growing network for Internet Marketers. This is “Safehaven” to build your business. I just love it! Share your Press Release, Promote your banner and ads, Share your videos to a vast group of like-minded internet marketers. …You Must Join!

5. Google Plus 


Google plus is an easy platform to make groups and share your opportunities with them. Content that is shared on Google Plus is added to Google searches (or indexed) much quicker than on other sites. So, investing even a little bit of time and energy into your business or personal page on Google+ can improve your search engine visibility. That means more chance of getting organic traffic to your posts.
The first sentence of your Google Plus posts are much higher weight when it comes to rankings. Make sure the First Word of your Post is Important should be included your business related keywords. If we take “Pure Passive Income Funnel” for instance, these keywords will best fit:  like “Residual Money”, “Online business”, “Residual Income”, “Pure Passive Income”, “Free Marketing Funnel” “Done-For-You Money making System”… etc. !
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