Traffic With Solo Ads

Email marketing is my #1 recommended traffic method. There’s really no excuse for anyone not to do it, not even money!!!

An email “solo ad” is simply where you run your email message/ad to somebody else’s list of email subscribers for a fee ranging anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars depending on your budget. All you have to do to run a solo ad is give the solo ad seller your email ad! But more on that in a minute.
Essentially, running a solo ad is like you’re renting somebody’s email list for a day. You can typically schedule or choose a day and time, and they “blast” your email message out to either their full list, or, to a portion of their list to produce a certain number of “clicks” on the link included in your email message. Since your email message/ad is going out to potentially hundreds or even thousands of people at once, you can get a lot of traffic very quickly with email solo ads.
But you want to be careful. You don’t wanna get too excited and buy an email solo ad to some massive list, for say, $600, and then be out all that money if the list doesn’t perform well. So what you can do especially when just getting started is to find and run solo ads for as little as $20 to $50 by only buying a certain number of “clicks” from the email/solo ad provider (aka email list owner)…
Let’s assume you choose to run one of our ready-made email ads above. Again, many email/solo ad providers offer the option of buying ads that are only sent out to a portion of their list rather than having to pay to send an ad to their full list. They’ll generally charge by the number of clicks on your link. So for example you might spend $50 to receive 75 clicks on your link, in this case meaning at least 75 people would open up your email message and click on your link to visit your site. The whole point here is that you can test the waters by doing smaller “runs” to a particular list, and then if it performs well run an ad to the full list.
You can also start keeping a *record* of which email solo ads (i.e., which lists) perform well for you, and eventually run ads for all your websites  to those same providers. Ultimately you’ll have your own little “hot list” of excellent performing solo ad providers that you can count on to get traffic any time you need it.
Another thing I recommend before paying for a solo ad (or virtually any kind of traffic, for that matter) is to “check out references” whenever possible. Find out how well other advertisers’ email ads have done, what type of product they were promoting, etc.
You can also ask list owners if they’ve run ads for the same product that you’re promoting to their list, in the recent past. It’s just common sense stuff… If “Bob” just ran an ad for a program that you want to promote like “MyPayingAds” for example to “Jack’s” email list. Then obviously the majority of Jack’s subscribers have already seen the offer for that program or product which means you might want to check how big the email list is and how many of its subscribers have seen the same offer. Just ask if you can get fresh clicks for people who’ve not recently seen the same website).
You might be better off coming back a few months later, or running your ad to a different email list vendor or provider.
Last but not least, you can very often negotiate and bargain hunt for great deals, such as double mailings (on two separate days), etc. Just by asking, I’ve received as much as a 50% discount! The worst that people can say is “no” and you’ve risked absolutely nothing.

Here is my #1 Solo Ad Vendor

I personally use Udimi  for my Solo Ads because of the huge selection and quality of the vendors. Please look around and take your time at all the different vendors. Read all the feedback and comments from their customers and ask any questions you want to get a better idea which vendor you would like to use.


Marks Elite Solo Ads  The Best Priced Solo Ads Online



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Free Pretty Link WP Plugin

 Pretty Link WordPress Plugin

Pretty Link WP Plugin enables you to shorten, cloak and track of all your affiliate links using

“Your Own Domain Name”  

No other service such as tinyurl,, budurl, or any other popular link shrinking service even comes close to Pretty Link!

You’ll Be Creating Pretty Links in Minutes

Pretty Link StopwatchWhether you’re a newbie or professional blogger, social maven or an affiliate marketer “having to use affiliate links or link services to shorten, cloak & manage those links can be a very complicated task”, 
The choice is usually between giving up all control over your affiliate links to a third party link shortening & link cloaking service, or rolling out your own php script or apache directives to hack together some redirects to your affiliate links, and we all know how much fun that can be, Yippie!!!
Using a 3rd party service, or your own redirection software both have some serious drawbacks. The biggest drawback is not being able to name or customize the actual url  to look like a real website when using a 3rd party service. Everyone knows before they even click on the link that it’s just a shortened or cloaked affiliate link because you have to use the name of the 3rd party link service within your new shortened & cloaked link. Most of the time it can hurt your credibility more then help you in the end.
People have become so aware of many of the most popular link shortening and link cloaking services that those shortened links sometimes cause you to loss clicks and possible sales. Many marketers that have been online for awhile are very hesitant and unsure about clicking on a shortened link anymore. I know myself that I am scared to click on those type of links because many people use those link shortening and link cloaking services now to turn their malicious links into a shortened link. So unless it is from someone I know and trust online I no longer click on shortened links, even if they are inside of Twitter and Facebook.
Being able to use your own domain name is the best option possible when creating clean links for the purpose of masking your affiliate links and redirecting someone to your affiliate page.  In addition to using your own domain name Pretty Link allows you to tracks each of the hits on your URL and provides a full, detailed report of where the hit came from, the browser, os and host. Pretty Link Lite is a killer FREE plugin for people who want to clean up their affiliate links, track clicks from emails, their links on Twitter to come from their own domain, or generally increase the reach of their website by spreading these links on forums or comments on other blogs.

Pretty Link Example

This is a link generated using the Pretty Link Lite Plugin that redirects my Pretty Link Pro affiliate link to the Pretty Link Pro Homepage where you can find more info about the upgraded features of this Plugin:
Original Link:
Pretty Link:


  • Gives you the ability to create clean, simple URLs on your website that redirect to any other URL (allows for 301 and 307 redirects only)
  • Generates random 3-4 character slugs for your URL or allows you to name a custom slug for your URL
  • Tracks the Number of Hits per link
  • Tracks the Number of Unique Hits per link
  • Provides a reporting interface where you can see a configurable chart of clicks per day. This report can be filtered by the specific link clicked, date range, and/or unique clicks.
  • View click details including ip address, remote host, browser (including browser version), operating system, and referring site
  • Download hit details in CSV format
  • Intuitive Javascript / AJAX Admin User Interface
  • Pass custom parameters to your scripts through pretty link and still have full tracking ability
  • Exclude IP Addresses from Stats
  • Enables you to send your Pretty Links via Email directly from your WordPress admin
  • Select Temporary (307) or Permanent (301) redirection for your Pretty Links
  • Cookie based system for tracking visitor activity across hits
  • Organize Links into Groups
  • Create nofollow/noindex links
  • Turn tracking on / off on each link
  • Pretty Link Bookmarklet                                                                                                                                                                                                               GET THE PRETTY LINK LITE WP PLUGIN FOR FREE!           

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Top 10 Solo Ad Email Resources

Top 10 Places To Find Email Solo Ads

Following is my current Top 10 list of places to find email solo ads, starting at as little as $20-25 for 50 clicks. This list is based directly on MEMBER feedback, meaning these are venues where other members just like you are already running ads to get leads and commissions. There’s just no excuse not to run a solo ad. It’s so incredibly easy, and it will produce LEADS for you, which can then turn into commissions and paid subscriptions… So take a good look and use the
Top 10 Places To Find Email Solo Ads & Start Making Money NOW!!!

1.  (Hot tip: Look for sellers with good ratings and a “$” symbol next to their listing)

2. Facebook Solo Ad Group # 1 (Request to join this free community of solo ad buyers and sellers)

3. Facebook Solo Ad Group # 2 (Request to join this free community of solo ad buyers and sellers)

4. Facebook Solo Ad Group # 3 (Solo ads and ad swaps community)

5. Solo Ads Directory # 1 (Reed Floren’s free solo ad directory)

6. Solo Ads Directory # 2 (Paul DeSousa’s free solo ad directory)

7. Solo Ads Directory # 3 (Another great solo ad directory with helpful stats included)

8. Top 50 Solo Ad Vendors (An older listing of solo ad providers but worth checking out)

9.  (Use this when you’re ready to GO BIG!)

10. Directory Of Ezines (Charlie Page’s “famous” solo ad directory)

Avoid This HUGE Newbie Mistake… 

Whatever you do, do NOT give up after running just one or two solo ads. Don’t “judge” the performance of your funnel until you’ve brought in at least 200-300 subscribers (keep the faith). The reason is this: solo ad quality and performance can greatly vary, and you want to look for email lists that produce SALES and not just leads. Look for lists that have BUYERS on them. This will often be indicated in testimonials and feedback, such as provided in solo ad buyer / seller marketplaces like is awesome if you have a bigger budget, because they’ll really take you by the hand and show you the best vendors (list owners) to run your ad and opportunity with. The owner, Harris Fellman, has 15+ years online experience. Highly recommended.

So There You Have It!

There’s really no reason for you NOT to be getting leads, and ultimately, commissions and income as leads naturally convert into sales through the proven TOP 10 SOLO AD RESOURCE GUIDE

 Schedule your email ad TODAY and start getting leads.  No reason to wait.

See you at the top!

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