4 Ways to Get Targeted Visitors To Your Affiliate Website!

First off please remember this: Just because you have an awesome &  great looking affiliate website doesn’t mean that you’ll get  tons of visitors.  People will not be automatically be drawn to your affiliate website. It takes proven & effective traffic strategies to get targeted visitors to your website so that you can begin to make money online using your website.  


A good example of this is just a few months ago I received a email from one of my subscribers describing the launching of his new site. He was really very excited and thought that this site would really bring him a handful of money. When I visited his site I was also surprised by the creative designing, easy and quick navigation, graphics, etc.,  but what I came to know by his second email after some time was that he was not earning a single penny. In fact he did not even earned enough to cover the amount that he spent on developing the website. He was really very upset and wanted to just give up just like almost everyone else that goes into starting a home business with false expectations of immediate online success. After some words of encouragement and explaining to him that it takes time online to truly have a money making website. I helped him by showing him these 4 ways to get targeted visitors to his website. He is now doing much better and is very happy with the money he is making after using these effective traffic strategies that I am about to tell to you. But let me ask you an important, Do you think that even if he would have got visitors to his website from the beginning, do you think he would have been successful from the start? The answer is NO, and I will tell you why.
It is because he would not have been able to get targeted visitors to his website, just regular or random visitors without using the effective traffic strategies that I taught him.  Targeted visitors are interested in what it is that you are selling and most of them really want to buy the products that you are offering. The back bone of internet based business is TARGETED Visitors.  Targeted Visitors is the first need for real success of any e-commerce business, not just hoping that a couple of random visitors buy something from you.  If you don’t  get targeted visitors on your website, you won’t make money, no matter how beautiful and attractive your site is. Even if you have the best product in the world but don’t have targeted visitors you won’t make any significant amount of sales. Targeted Visitors are the most essential thing to a successful e-commerce business. Every book you will find about internet marketing would always include the importance of generating targeted visitors. If you are reading this article, I am sure you already have a website, and you are not getting enough traffic that you’re supposed to be getting. To help you out in generating more targeted visitors for your site, here are 4 of the most effective traffic strategies to get targeted traffic to your website so you to can begin to have to success you always wanted online.

Link Exchange With Similar Sites

Link exchange with similar sites is a great way to increase traffic to your site both sites get benefited. The more you exchange links with different sites, the more traffic you’ll get. One thing you should remember that always exchange links with compatible sites not competitor sites. Using link exchanges with compatible websites is a great way to get targeted traffic to your website.

Write Articles and Submit To Article Directories

This is another surefire way, and also one of the best effective traffic strategies to get targeted visitors to your website. Writing articles and submitting to article directories can give massive exposure to your site. Not only your site’s page rank and search engine ranking will increase, you will also become as an expert in your field. You can write articles yourself, or get it written by freelance writers for a small fee. One of the best places I have received plr articles(private label rights), articles that you can use as your own is from Skadoogle. You will find hundreds of articles on all the very best niches and you will receive new articles every month as a Ultimate member.  

Start Your Own Newsletter

If you want life time traffic to you site, it’s time to start your own newsletter. You may be saying I just started with this internet marketing thing so how can I start a newsletter, I don’t know enough to do that and who will listen to me. Look you don’t need to be an expert, that is the best thing about plr articles and other plr material that you can use as your own, especially e-books. You can use these articles or each chapter in the e-book as a separate email in your newsletter.  It’s really not difficult once you see how much plr material there is for you to use as your own. I bet a small percentage of the information in the newsletters that I have joined actually was created or written by that person.  So If you get people to opt-in to your list, you can follow up with valuable content, products and services and they will come back again and again to your site. If you take a look at the e-book I am offering to people to help them monetize their website like an expert. You will see I am not the author, but the material is so incredible and important for people to know that I felt it be the best choice to use to build my list.

Participate in Online Communities and Forums

Forums and online communities can became huge source of traffic to get targeted visitors to your site. It requires only your time and nothing else. All you have to do is sharing your knowledge and expertise. It’ll also build your reputation as an expert and people always want to work with experts. 5. Viral Marketing Viral marketing is the fastest way of getting traffic. Do you know what the reason behind the grand success of Hotmail is? It’s viral marketing. Viral marketing allows you to spread the word about your company and product without any costs or low costs only. You can create a short report or tiny software and allow others to pass it to their friends and relatives. You can also attach your link to a funny video or entertaining game. Just follow these simple and easy to follow tips and get your site flooded with traffic. You will not only get targeted visitors and great targeted traffic, but you will be sure that these targeted visitors will want to buy your product. So here are the 4 best ways I feel you can begin to get targeted visitors and it is by using these effective traffic strategies that are not only proven over the years, but also great ways to learn step by step how to become a true online marketer.


Is it good or bad buying Facebook likes to boost my online business and my social presence? Honestly at first it was a no brainer buying Facebook likes if you could afford them to make your business or social presence look more impressive. But as time goes on this “like’ obsession is starting to hurt many peoples business and social presence or credibility.  So after a lot of reading, talking to some influential social media professionals, and using a little of our own common sense, we’ve answered the question.
Here is what I hear a lot from people and it’s probably what you are thinking as well when it comes to this issue of buying or not buying Facebook likes. You say to yourself “I really want my Facebook page to look popular, and I have been thinking of buying Facebook likes”.  So then a world where the amount of “Likes” a company has seems to reign supreme, it’s very tempting to get sucked into the vortex of wanting more likes than all of your competitors. However, when it comes to businesses or an organization, you want the people who like your page to be true supporters of your cause, product or company. Just because you have 1200 “Likes” really means nothing in the long run when it comes to helping your business or social presence.
What many people don’t realize is that Facebook, just like Google have their own algorithm. When you purchase 1000 Facebook likes, all of this support from those supposedly 1000 new fans and engagement goes out the window if a huge part of those people do Only cnot maintain a ongoing conversation week after week about your service, organization, business or products. The reason is because when buying Facebook likes you are getting  a mixed bag of random people being paid by a company, or fake accounts altogether. These are not real people, well they may be real but they are “not really interested” is a better way to say  it. Either way, those people do not truly value your company or organization. The likes you will get are from spam accounts, which violates Facebook’s user policy. (This means they can get banned and deleted.) These “click farms” have generated a large profit, but it’s not a business you or I want to be in.  Guy Kawalski, the author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” responded to this question by saying that “It’s immoral and ineffective to buy likes. Companies with more money than brains buy Likes”.
Wow! This sounds like a bad idea. So here is some more information about the Facebook algorithm (or really a group of algorithms) that I mentioned earlier. These algorithms determine how often your posts appear in your fans’ Newsfeeds. And it punishes you if your content is lacking. When buying Facebook likes, the percentage of people who engage with your content (which is likely not even everyone who organically liked your page) will shrink.
Here is an example, lets say before you bought the likes you had 200 organic fans of your page. Let’s say 25% of them engage with your content on a regular basis, that’s 50 fans. So now you bought 1000 fans (now you have a total of 1,200). If those 50 fans are still engaging with you,  and now you have 1,200 Facebook fans, or likes,then you see that is only a meager 4.2% of your fanbase is engaging with your content. Compared to the 25% of engagement you had with the 200 fans, 4.2% is a big difference and drop off in the eyes of Facebooks algorithm. This tells Facebook that you aren’t producing valuable content, and you will now appear in your fans’ Newsfeeds even less often.
So what will happen to those 200 organic fans that loved your brand? They’re still there, but they aren’t seeing your posts, and one of your competitors may have caught their eye in the meantime.  Also something else you may want to know Facebook has declined organic reach by 50% in the last year, and rumored to decline more.
In closing all I can say is that if buying Facebook likes is your only concern and it matters more to you too show how many likes you can show to your friends and family that your business has on Facebook, and if getting as many likes as possible is done only for bragging rights and for vanity reasons. Then go ahead and buy as many likes as your ego wants or feels it needs to think you are important or successful. But remember you will know the truth deep down and sooner or later so will Facebook and everyone else when your not making any money even with all those likes.  SO THE ANSWER TO THE BIG QUESTION  IS  A RESOUNDING “YES, IT IS BAD BUYING FACEBOOK LIKES FOR YOUR BUSINESS OR FOR YOUR SOCIAL PRESENCE.
 William Manuel 3rd